Monday, August 8, 2011

How to get out of a creative block

1. Sleep and rest more
2. Walk for 3 miles at least twice a week
3. Read lots of books

4. Cook some elaborate feasts for loved ones
5. Go traveling outside your country (work trips don't count:)
6. Go to the ocean as often as possible

7. Host a indie movie night with your friends
8. Start drawing again
9. Take more road trips and wander through flower fields

10. Go to more art openings
11. Learn your limits about how much you can honestly take on before it just becomes too stressful and unhealthy.
12. Don’t work with anyone who would devalue your experience

13. Go out for an icecream
14. Write about experiences that have fascinated you.
15. Find new music that you enjoy.

photography by alexandragrecco


  1. Yes. Definitely. Yes, yes and yes :)